Beatle comments #1 (of 30)

 Love the Beatles? Love the music? Are the albums a delight? The songs? The choices of lyrics, chords, album covers, production? Do you love the romance of it all? Yeah? If the answers are yes (or, yeah yeah yeah) to these questions, then, why do you build these divisive “Beatle against Beatle” arguments? It seems far TOO MANY PEOPLE enjoy pointing out how Paul was “controlling” and, therefore, made it miserable for the other three. How dare he? Which song or album would you toss out of the Beatle canon due to Paul’s unfair schoolmasterly treatment? Is this common assessment even true? Did John bring in Yoko, and, therefore destroy the band? Really? Which song or album would you throw out of Beatle history because of John’s love for a woman? “Don’t Let Me Down”? “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”? Both of those were likely created DUE to her. How many times have I heard that “George was the best Beatle”? Really? HOW? Were his songs that we have never heard, the ones that Paul and John “kept off albums” through 1966, really better than “Ticket to Ride”, “Yesterday”, “If I Fell”, “I Saw Her Standing There”? If so, where are these songs? Is there a reason why there has to be a steep divide among Beatle fans IN REGARD to the Beatles? They gave us the most MAGICAL music years of any pop artist(s). Can’t we enjoy it all without deciding that one of them has to have derailed it all? Is there a reason to “complain” that “ Revolution #9” is on an album? That “Blue Jay Way” is not worthy? That Paul dared to play drums in Ringo’s absence? That John became an activist? Can’t we just enjoy the music? Isn’t it common knowledge that the Beatles were John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Not one or two of them, but, the foursome?

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