Beatles comment #10, a continuation of #8 and #9:

I grew up in a generation with no high level of love for Beatles music. Let me be clear, I was heavily into the band, and, there are others like me from my exact age group. However, the majority of my peers were not. In fact, there was a lot of resistance to The Beatles, as it was all seen as “yesterday” and of little interest to the current music acts of our “time”. I was born in January of ‘65, youngest of five kids. So, my three oldest siblings were of the exact ages where Beatlemania was in full-throttle. I had no escape from it, and as my family was highly musical, the Beatle records were constantly listened to, studied, talked about, etc. Then, I would go around my friends and peers. Most had parents a bit younger than mine, and most did not have older siblings born in ‘51, ‘54, ‘56. I was thought of as a bit weird because of my fascination with Beatles albums and other ‘60s music acts. When I was in grade school/high school the top rock acts were Boston, Styx, Kansas, Journey, Rush, Billy Squier, Ozzy Osborne, Cars, Police, Heart, Kiss, Elton John, Peter Frampton, Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, Van Halen, and so on. The kids of that era, my friends and acquaintances, oftentimes had a dim view of The Beatles. I had to listen to their uninformed opinions about the Liverpool band ALL THE TIME. When John Lennon was shockingly assassinated in December of “80 I was nearly 16. I was, not only, saddened by the reality of his death, but, knew the historicity of it all. MOST OF MY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY did not. That became apparent the next day and weeks to follow. When the drummer for Led Zeppelin died those students thought that was bigger importance. John Bonham was a great musician and it altered the history of that band, yes. But, it was not the social and historical significance of Lennon’s sudden murder. So, this group, I will call “C”, are the third installment of groupings who have a notable dislike of The Beatles. While many of my generation are intoxicated with Van Halen or Air Supply, they have mostly tuned out having Beatles music in their heads, unless forced to hear it. Though McCartney & Wings were HUGE all through the ‘70s I was the only person I knew in my community who saw him and his band as a major influence and as a favorite act from the period. Yes, the indifference/dislike of anything Beatle was high during my ‘70s, early ‘80s growing up years. Hey, Space Invaders = good, Beatles = very bad. My childhood brought the disco period, new wave, punk. Beatles albums were of olden times, though only a few years earlier. My first album to own for myself was Let It Be, and it was freshly on the charts when I got it (nearly 6 years of age).

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