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This is a continuation of #8 and regards dislike of the band. Earlier, I mentioned Camp A. These were folks growing up in an earlier period of rock & roll, and not ready for their musical heroes to be pushed aside. Especially, with ardent Elvis fans, The Beatles were an immediate dislike. The unprecedented fame and influence was offensive, as their king was taken off his throne. I could make a joke about August 16, 1977 here, but, will refrain. Camp B are Beatle fans themselves. The truth is that this group loves many things Beatle, yet, sure have some distinct dislikes. And, those dislikes are things other fans adore! The infighting of Beatle fans must seem comical to outsiders. The John vs. Paul arguing is very common. What is that all about? They were each a significant building block of the band. The word should be all caps: SIGNIFICANT. There is no Beatles without John or Paul. Why the disdain for one over the other? They were in the SAME BAND! They were close friends. They were artists working on the SAME projects together! The Lennon fan who dislikes McCartney is extremely commonplace. I have heard countless people (seriously, countless) argue that Paul’s music is of no interest to them, only John’s. I am referring to Beatles music here, not later solo works. How do you remove Paul from Come Together, A Day In The Life, Ticket To Ride, Norwegian Wood, etc., songs those folks usually love? His fingerprints are all over them! Are you stupid? Do you only hear John and no other Beatle? I have encountered many people to love the “early” Beatles music, but, not the “later”. In other words, once songs had more lyrical depth, as arrangements and recording approaches were more sophisticated , as a result of growth and getting older, then, the band “lost” those listeners. The enjoyment of straightforward rock songs (Twist and Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, She Loves You, etc.) or basic pop love songs (If I Fell, And I Love Her, This Boy, etc.) turned to dislike once themes became revolution, taxes, cantankerous old men sleeping in parks, girls breaking into houses, etc. These “late Beatle songs” required a little bit of thinking and there, apparently, can be none of that! My argument here is that those “earlier” straightforward rock and roll and pop love songs were never abandoned by The Beatles. That is all still being represented in the last several albums with Get Back, Oh Darling, Something, Two Of Us, Don’t Let Me Down, etc. However, there are many fans of the first few albums who completely turned off interest in the works of 1966-70. Eight Days A Week = very good/Strawberry Fields = very bad! Once George incorporates a sitar onto a song those folks ran screaming for Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Grass Roots, and Tom Jones. The opposite can be true, where some people are not interested in I Want To Hold Your Hand, Roll Over Beethoven, Can’t Buy Me Love, etc., only willing to enjoy I Am The Walrus, Helter Skelter, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, etc. The “cutting edge” FM radio fare of the band entices them, but, not the mop top era with matching suits. Those folks love one Beatles, but loathe the other. Finally, there are the “Harrison was the only Beatle I really liked” crowd. Really? There can BE a Beatles where Lennon and/or McCartney has no interest to you, but, Harrison DOES? How do these folks chisel out all the presence of the latter two mentioned artists, only honing in on one George Harrison? And, still call it “Beatles”? Yes, the dislike of the band comes in many shapes and sizes and I will go down the road of discussing another camp (C) in my next commentary (#10).

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