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Dislike of the group. Yeah, yeah, yeah, those folks are out there. We have all encountered their dislike. But, they come in variety, just as Beatle music comes in variety. If my last assessment is correct, and I know it is, a Beatle-hater is hating quite a lot of differing music. “Revolution” is nothing like “All My Loving”. “Yellow Submarine” has little in common with “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You”. “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey” has nothing in common with “Julia” and they are on the same album. In fact, “Monkey” seems to have more in common with “War and Peace”, something I was just thinking while typing out the title. But, there are, genuinely, people who hate EVERYTHING Beatle. And, they are from a few distinct camps. Camp “A” are those from a generation of adolescence JUST before Beatlemania. They are, maybe, a half-generation before. Let’s cut to the chase. THE ELVIS FANATICS. If there is anyone to have an agenda, to specifically hate the Beatles (while seemingly enjoying many Beatle contemporary acts)-these are the folks. The Fabs stole his crown. He had kicked down a door of becoming the biggest sensation in recorded pop music, far bigger than Sinatra and his “bobbiesoxer” crowds. No one likes to confess that that was hugely affected by technology and more records in homes. But, with Beatlemania, a much larger door was constructed, and the Liverpudlians blasted through it as if it was not there. The act was a sensation much bigger than “the Pelvis”. This gripes his fans. So, the hate is intense with many of them, and in their minds the British rock group cannot have a shred of integrity. It does not seem to matter that The Beatles loved Elvis! At least, until meeting him, but that is another discussion. Here is a reality that fans of the foursome will not come to grips with, in their own brand of fan pride: technology allowed the tremendous swell of phonograph players in common homes AT THE TIME THE BEATLES HIT. This pushed the newest sensation to obliterate the “Elvis” sensation. Kids were acquiring cheap phonograph players for their rooms, as opposed to having to use Mom and Dad’s sophisticated piece of furniture, a player in the den. A massive and expensive item that a child was not always allowed to touch! And, who controlled the music purchases in the home? Usually, Mom and Dad. And, it was, oftentimes, not Everlys or Duane Eddy or, you guessed it…Elvis Presley. It was “grown ups music”. The collision of these cheaper units that could serve as a babysitter, sitting in a teenager’s bedroom, while friends came over to share in little one-song (actually, two-song) 45 RPM records, with a phenomenon of The Beatles-KBOOM!!!! And, how irritating was that to older siblings or neighbors who were 19 or 23 at that time in history? Irritating enough to make a lifetime hater of the group. There are some, TO THIS DAY, with that disgust in their heart. Not fond of “Live And Let Die” being a Bond theme song by a 70s era McCartney & Wings? Not fond of Harrison and Starr joining Carl Perkins on an 80s Cinemax special? Not fond of LENNON STEALING ALL THAT NEWS BY GETTING SHOT? Shoot, these haters still have not gotten around to appreciating “And I Love Her” and “If I Fell”. They just cannot bring themselves to enjoy music from the ones who overtook Presley’s dominance over all other pop stars. It matters not that these artists wrote songs that are classics, while Elvis wrote NO SONGS. It matters not that these artists grew as artists in a way that kept reinventing the direction of pop music. It matters not that countless music acts in jazz, blues, country, bluegrass,folk, and more chose to record Beatle songs. It matters not that Elvis himself got around to performing a few Beatle songs. What matters is that his thunder was stolen by a band who appealed to millions and millions and more millions of human beings from an age group that was a bit younger than they were. Snobbery kills. Imagine missing out on “Imagine”. And, all because the world is rou…I mean, all because you are a “music snob”. I will continue on my look at Beatle dislike groupings in my next commentary. That will be, of course, number nine.

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