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Love You To, Love Me Do, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, All You Need Is Love, Can’t Buy Me Love, All My Loving, And I Love Her, Lovely RIta, She Loves You, It’s Only Love. In a short few years these fellows used “love” in the titles of quite a few songs. There are so many more where love is said, but not included in the song title. For instance, If I Fell (in love with you…), Michelle (I love, I love you, I lo-o-ove you), and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make (The End), I Will (you know how much I love you), with love From Me To You, and on and on. Many people bring up how this band of artists brought love to the fore in their work. Not only did they become the biggest selling, most influential music act of that period, but they used the platform to sing about love. In fairness, they had bitter or dark moments of artistic works, too. Baby’s In Black is fairly…well…dark. You Never Give Me Your Money is a slam toward the new manager (Klein).Taxman attacks the British government’s system. Dr. Robert references a pill-prescribing medical professional. But, hey, they always come back with some warm sentiment in song, even when love is not the specific topic. We get Good Day Sunshine, Here Comes The Sun, Let It Be, and more. It is easy to remember The Beatles for so much. The haircuts, movies, TV appearances, innovation in pop music projects, Liverpudlian accent, their breakup, etc. But, it is impossible to disassociate them from using sunshine and love in their musical journey. They did sing “Love is all you need…”.

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