Short Bio

     Mark Stuart will treat 2018 the same as most years, touring heavily as
an artist. Having taken his music to Europe, UK, Canada, and all of USA for
decades, the Nashville native will captivate audiences with his songs,
singing, and guitarmanship.

     The Americana/Folk veteran serves up songs from his Stacey Earle & Mark
Stuart CDs, solo CDs, AND reflects on his journey in music.

Long Bio

  Mark Stuart will spend 2018 doing what he has always done. He will tour
full-time as a musical artist, bringing his years of experience to the
stage. Onstage, his focus is on the songs he has penned and recorded,
delivered with a soulful singing voice and highly memorable guitar playing.

After many years on the Americana/Folk circuit, Stuart has cultivated a
very rounded performance. His show consists of storytelling, flashy guitar
"chops", and songs that seem to draw from his rock, blues, country, and folk
music roots. Mostly, this artist from Tennessee has toured solo or in a
notable duo with his wife ("Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart"). There were stints
along the way as a sideman, though (Steve Forbert, Freddy Fender, Steve
Earle, Joan Baez). If placed on the bill with a contemporary artist he is
usually asked to play guitar on their portion of the show. Just ask Jason
Ringenberg, Ray Wylie Hubbard, or Jimmy LaFave.

One can find Mark Stuart on any given night in a small theater,
coffeehouse, house concert, festival stage, club, church auditorium, etc.
giving it his all. Aside from that, he could be instructing at a guitar
clinic, songwriting workshop, or playing on someone's recording session. As
co-owner of Gearle Records he has produced or co-produced many albums.
Stuart's career has repeatedly taken him to all of the USA, Canada, Europe,
and the United Kingdom, and, has spanned several decades.