Listen to what these people say about Mark's guitar clinic!

     "Mark Stuart's guitar clinic might have the best two hours I ever spent with my guitar. I learned lots of licks and tricks I was immediately able to fold into my own playing. I do not exaggerate when I say his instruction has helped me take my game to the next level. Mark is knowledgeable and patient. He gives the same care and attention to beginners as he does to more advanced players. He has made me think about my guitar differently."  
Randy Pease  (New Harmony, IN)

     "Mark Stuart shared his gift of music with us today at a guitar workshop at our house. For most of the day he explained and taught us his unique techniques that makes his songs easy to listen to. There is no flash, bling or slight of hand. Mark's guitar workshop is an honest day's work which in turn will give guitar players new tools for their performances or their own enjoyment. Even though Mark was teaching a small group of players, it seemed that everyone was having a one-on-one lesson. Mark's patience was apparent as was his dedication in sharing with the workshop.
In the first few minutes of the workshop, Mark had evaluated the class and determined the skill levels, and it was then that he customized the class to provide the best instruction that we could take with us to improve our playing. He was aware of all of our playing and when someone appeared to be struggling with a concept, he took time to help until all was well again. Even though some came with a bit of apprehension, his demeanor seemed to have a calming affect.
At the end of the day, we definitely had improved our own skills, and were looking forward to playing our music in a more professional manner."
 Perry Brake, (Tellico Plains, TN)

     "Whether you are a novice player like me, or someone who has worked in music for over 30 years like my friend Marshall Mitchell, Mark Stuart can help you become a better player. Mark gets very specific in his clinics. Mark is hands on with the each of the individuals in the seminar. Mark can tie together music theory with mechanical application of chords and notes you are choosing to play and the how and why you choose to play them. Whether you are a performing singer/songwriter, sideman in a band or a novice who plays on his back porch and open mics you will both improve as a player and enjoy playing more after working with Mark in a seminar. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that make a living or part of their living playing music professionally, none of them enjoy the music aspect of what they do more than Mark Stuart. When you learn from Mark his love and wonder for music is contagious. Also, Mark is such a proficient player it is worth the price of admission just to hear him play. The fact that he breaks it down for each individual on a personal level is a bonus. Finally, Mark helps you to think and listen about what you are hearing and what you want to play. So not only will you become a better player, you will become a better listener, making music that much more enjoyable."  
Steven Butler (Springdale, AR)